Lift Stations

How Lift Stations Work

A sewage lift station is a critical element of many septic systems because the systems can’t rely on gravity alone to evacuate waste. Lift stations handle sewage from underground gravity flow pipelines. Sewage travels to an underground storage pit for storage. When this sewage rises to a certain level detected by a float, a pump kicks in and moves the sewage through a pressurized pipe system where the sewage is discharged, depending on the type of system that services your building. When your lift station float or pump fails, the resulting problems can be anything from a bad odor and water backup, to serious health code issues.

Float Replacement and Pump Repair and Replacement

At Advantage Septic & Drain, we repair and replace lift pumps and replace floats. Often times these pumps are connected to an alarm system which will let you know they are not working properly. Also, make it a habit to listen for excess noise or vibrations, or for changes in the frequency of the pump turning on and off. Short or intermittent cycling, worn out motors and problems with the check valve, pressure switch or other components are common lift pump problems that we can fix.

No Time to Waste!

We consider the failure of the float or pump in your sewage lift station to be an emergency situation. Delaying repairs can result in sewage backups and spills that can have serious consequences. If your alarm has tripped, call us immediately! We’ll put over 50 years of experience to work in solving your lift station pump emergency.

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At Advantage Septic & Drain, we focus on quality pump repair and replacement and complete customer satisfaction. Honesty, integrity and experience are our defining characteristics and what give Advantage Septic & Drain the edge over our competitors. We’re MPCA licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today!